Axestrack: Redefining Logistics Through Technology

By CIOReview Team
Mention location based services (LBS), and most people think of maps and check-ins. Location based services (and the allied geo-spatial services) have a potential and scope which is much wider in fields ranging from urban governance, logistics and fleet management, data analytics and local exploration. Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology to locate and maintain contact with vehicles in real-time. At the same time, fleet management solutions integrate satellite GPS positioning and Big Data analytics for managing a business’ transportation fleet, enabling services such as: logistics planning, vehicle maintenance, telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver & speed management and fuel management. There is real power in data, which can serve as a catalyst for introducing significant and positive change throughout the life cycle of a fleet. But analytics involves more than just having the data. Fleet managers need to understand what the data is telling them, which means they need systems to help them make sense of it all. With the entire buzz revolving around location based analytics, Axestrack Software Solutions Private Limited closely fits in the vacuum of opportunity for location based services.

Axestrack is a fast growing brand ventured company dedicated to the field of GPS based vehicle tracking solutions and its exhaustive data analytics. The company has established itself as one of the most trusted location based analytics providers to businesses among a variety of well satisfied customers. At the time of writing, Axestrack has 65,000+ vehicles to the company’s credit with a quarterly growth rate of 40 percent.

Comprehensive Logistics and Fleet Management

For long haul businesses, managing fleet is the focal point of their operations. Even though the market is flooded with many fleet management solutions, a user still finds it difficult to get a tailor made solution. One of the key challenges which the large fleet owners face while using a location based solution is not being able to find a solution that specifically caters to the problems the user faces while operating the fleet. What differentiates Axestrack from its contemporaries is the consulting approach that the company adopts while dealing with the clients. “This means instead of spending more time improving our own products we spend more time in understanding what the operations of the customers are and where are the roadblocks”, adds Harman Singh Arora, CEO of Axestrack.  The company’s uniquely architected web and mobile suite of solutions can be utilized on fleets of all sizes and is ideal for structured companies with dedicated fleet, forwarders and fleet owners. With its intense focus on ERP integration, Axestrack has assimilated location data into the day-to-day decision making of any fleet operation. With user-friendly and user-specific interfaces for all the three layers of long haul value chain - Consignor, Consignee and Forwarder, Axestrack provides a complete and comprehensive package customized to the clients’ requirements. This enables everyone in the chain to leverage the benefits of this solution. Customarily, management executives have an inclination to contemplate bird’s-eye data so as to gap the bigger picture which enables them to devise company’s future strategies and policies, while, operations executives have a need to examine granular data to act on specific incidences. Axestrack has designed different dashboards for different user roles where information can be absorbed based on the operators convenience. Consignee can watch live picture of the location, status and ETOA of the heading consignment. This liberates the consignor’s and forwarder’s resources from handling call enquiries and devote time for something more productive. Believing accuracy to be the key, Axestrack has designed the solution as such to require less manual intervention and thus, provide more accurate trip stats.

Axestrack’s Logistics Management Solution goes one step further than the Fleet management solution and provides one unified web and mobile platform to manage Finance and Traffic in addition to Operations and has been architected to closely match the work flow in any large transporter’s operations. Proprietary AI driven logic predicts the key changes in trip status informing all relevant stakeholders in real time and freeing up resources. This solution also incorporates a robust task architecture that ensures timely flow, assignment and escalation of tasks across multiple departments in a geographically spread team.

Tracking Vehicles for Distribution Operations

Axestrack solutions equips businesses of all types to keep in sight their transportation vehicles anywhere on the map as well as track their performance within the business context of that operation. Considering the Supply and Distribution Chain, being on-time and guarantee of delivery is the key. To retain customers one needs to know where the vehicles are and what time can delivery be expected? Axestrack tracking programs are tailored to ensure that all the essential information is at the management’s fingertips. Usually the KPI FMCG companies consider is the time taken for a distributor and the number of delivery points serviced. Axestrack’s tracking solution monitors the  time taken at each touch point, thus optimizing the coverage for a day. The solution provides specialized notifications and alerts to highlight vehicle entry into unauthorized zones to solve another recurring problem of delivery operations. “So all the long haul, short haul, last mile and anything that falls in between - time, missed pickup, missed delivery, delay in long haul, long stoppages in long haul, are linked to our ERP”, says Harman. This suggests that all the data is captured during the complete distribution cycle.


With plethora of sensors available in the market along with different IoT devices, integrating it with Axestrack’s software can give accurate and productive results. “Again, there are many hardware available in the market, but for hardware, the investment is high and the ROI is risky, whereas for software, the investment is low and the ROI is high!”, exclaims Harman. Axestrack’s Route module enables organizations to check on the current location of a vehicle including the progress en route details, keep track of all the locations that the vehicle has traversed in a certain period of time, check the deviations that a vehicle took from a specified route, receive alerts whenever the vehicle travels through any of the restricted routes and facilitates a single dashboard to check all the parameters relevant to a particular vehicle’s journey. “There are two kinds of solutions available in the market- heavy-on-hardware and heavy-on-software. We are heavy on software side”,
mentions Harman.

Large scale organizations, typically pharmaceutical companies, recruit massive sales force that is mostly on the field. Quite obviously, safety of employees has to be ensured while they are working on-site. Moreover, as people are working outside the office premises it becomes a challenge to monitor the sales performance. Axestrack provides Employee Tracking solution that allows organizations to manage and monitor huge work force. All one has to do is just install an app on the employee’s Android Smartphone and monitor the location information in real-time from a website or from a smart phone.

Axestrack has worked its way up in the market as one of the most admired names of GPS and Location based Analytics Industry in almost no time and is committed to extending the width of their state-of-the-art location based solutions across diverse industries. The thriving business built up by a passionate team of IIT, IIM and BITS alumni with wide variety of experience in leading industries and start-ups aim to sustain their leading position in the GPS industry and further become the best Logistics Solution provider. The company provides services through a robust network that spreads across 80+ global cities with 250+ valued partners, and further growing every single day. The fact that Axestrack provides avant-garde solutions at very competitive prices followed by ceaseless support is commendable. As problem solving is at the top of the priority list for Axestrack, the company works not only to design for the clients but to develop-to-suit the clients.

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